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Why Poverty in BC & Canada is Complex

So at first I posted this in my FB, 

Just listened a little to Christy Clark about the shadow flipping and homes. She is so off base- so many people are.

She talks about how these people bought homes and hung on to them 40 years and now they should be allowed to sell and make profits. This is where EVERYONE is going wrong.

Before people passed the land on to their children. Now there's nothing to pass, just a condo and there's lots of rules with they sell and split the money and then there is nothing left because it's not enough to buy any LAND. 

NOT ONLY THAT why does everyone claim a right to that land when it's Unceded Salish no one here really owns the land technically.

Why are people allowed to be so wealthy but not the First Nations that were born and raised here or anywhere in BC. and many places in Canada. It is a very complex problem.

Especially when people inherited land from family, when they look down on others who were not fortunate to receive that same.

This poverty issue can not be solved easily. But it's everyone human right to have food and shelter - UN Declaration- article 25. and something has got to give.

People need to stop being so selfish and actually share. Unfortunately the last generation, most of the boomers were taught it's all about them and they are "spending their kids inheritance" but that is so so wrong and goes against everything. And they have taught it to their kids and that's why we have kids valuing $4000 purses and $100,000 cars.

The values are lost, mixed up. She was saying people in the stock market and google - if they made a lot of money you wouldn't take that away...well, yes I would, because it's not right for some to be super rich and others to be super poor. It's wrong.

You are not supposed to own land...we only supposed to use it ...and share...
Here's hoping the next generation wises up and sets things straight.

But I need to add a bit.
How did I come to my conclusions?

I have seen it happen and felt it personally and I try to warn others.

I saw and experienced in Bucerias, when I was first pregnant was Angel. We left Zipolite because it was just after 9/11 and it was a ghost town, it always is in Sept & October and no tourists.

So I went to Bucerias to do web design. While living there, the only place I could afford was on the OTHER side of the highway. All the wealthy Canadians and Americans own the beachfront homes.

How do I know, well I knew Bucerias when it really was a sleepy little village back in 1988 or so.

And at that time a man from the states (moved there because his wife had passed) and started a new life building and selling real estate. Boy did that town change!!!!!!

It was while living on that side of the highway I experienced many issues of poverty and it brought enlightenment and it humbled me. 

Imagine my surprise upon returning to Canada, pregnant and alone (by choice and because of finances) that I would be plunged into poverty.

No one will hire a pregnant woman in CANADA. And the welfare system would only give me $525 a month. 
And I am sure this is true today, nothing has changed.

I had tons of debt from years of education that I took on because WCB would not fund retraining for me because they didn't recognize tendonitis at that time as a life long chronic condition that would limit my work capabilities and I was also downsized by an evil corporation that actually in time dismantled the entire company. (I had been making $45,000 year- mostly o.t. and very long hours) but silly me I paid most of it to Student Loans, rent, commuting and food.

Anyways Fast Forward to now...I saw what has been happening hear for the last 15 years and I started warning people ...saying we need policies to stop people from selling all the land to rich people- let alone rich foreigners.

When I was living in Nelson I found out the true Nelsonites sold out and moved when the housing market skyrocketed and they because a tourist vacation town, that struggles with poverty because there is only business when the tourists come and many of them are Vancouverites and Calgarians that sold their homes and moved there...and vacation half the year there and half in Mexico.

And that is lovely and all but it wreaks havoc with the housing situation.

I had heard that Singapore had rules that you couldn't buy land or cars, you can only rent. I thought that was crazy but then I realized that most islands have rules like this. Rarotonga when I visited has a rule if you stay more than a month you pay. This is to protect the original people born and raised there.

In BC, do you know how people got the land?

Through disease. Smallpox wiped out most of the First Nations and they got it from the Europeans that came here. Whether on purpose or unwittingly they killed off most of the people and then forced them to reservations by withholding food and medicine. They also gave them alcohol, so they used addiction to get what they needed.

Once that happened they stole their children and forced them into Residential schools where horrific abuses happened to them. Many of their families turned to alcholism to cope with loosing their children, their language and spiritual rights. They were not allowed Potlatches. This was a vital part of their lives.

The First Nations believe you shared the land, you didn't own it. Anyways they got pummeled and now people think they are entitled to their lands because their parents and grandparents somehow recieved it. Or they have come here from somewhere else and invested.

There is huge inequality here. 

In my sweet little Zipolite I was very very afraid this would happen to their land. That developers would come in and somehow break up the Ejido and it can be done, people are very sneaky.

Anyways, once it happens, that is it and if you look at Punta de Mita near Bucerias, that's exactly what happened. They bought everyone and moved them out of a gorgeous prime property so that they could put in resorts and golf courses.

Vancouver is like that on a grand scale. We've been bought and are being sold and people are caught in the middle and we have this huge poverty issue GROWING AND GROWING. And the rich are saying "Well isn't that too bad" "We are Canadians we should help" isn't that what Christie Clark said. But she is truly clueless on what it is to be homeless.

Until you actually experience poverty, joblessness, homelessness, hopelessness you will never truly get it. And I wouldn't wish that on anyone but you walk under the bridge and see the homeless people living there for the last 6 months...maybe a year...and HOW DO YOU PEOPLE working in the downtown WALK BY all the hungry homeless people EVERYDAY as you go to your do you do that, day in and day you buy your fancy suits, shoes, cars....


Anyways when you begin to try and buy that house and you realize that you don't have enough because you have to pay off the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of student load debt and the $$$$$ rent and the $$$$$ groceries and you wonder how you will ever have enough to have a home and a family...and perhaps you find yourself 32, 34, 37 and no baby and suddenly it's a baby or ??? and you go for it and are blessed, does anyone help you and find you a home and help you with food. NO!!! 

And they wonder why women put off having kids and why these men are on the internet all the times searching for something....because we are lost.

We are lost souls trying to find our way back to the land. 

It's definitely not an easy issue to fix. I could be if we stopped being fixated on status and wealth and mass production of food, energy and pollution.

Well that's my 2 cents worth. 

I know I am not alone. I didn't do anything bad. Life keeps kicking me in the ass, I keep getting back up, sometimes people actually reach out and pull me up...but I often fall back into the poverty pit because as Bernie says it's "rigged system"

It's true, the banks have rigged it all, with everything, the land, the education, the politicians. We are all f___d up. 

And when you have cities that care more about bike lanes and a street car, than food and gardens to feed people, when you have cities and governments and corporations that care more about flooding our "Bread basket" than going green and listening to the people, when you have governments and corporations that want to kill Canada's second largest salmon run...and there is no affordable housing, that women and children live in unhealthy situations due to not being able to support themselves...LOOK,LOOK into the FUTURE....

what do you see....LOOK TEN YEARS AHEAD....

Will Vancouver wake up and share the wealth and take care of the people, treat everyone equally, give us food and shelter...

or will we have a very dark scary MAD MAXX thing happening.



Change begins with you and me....please start today!

This is a prototype I created at Emily Carr, it's for a app/game that I was hoping to enlighten this generation to the changes that are necessary if human life is to continue on this planet. It's based on a vision I had. This is extremely simplistic but the message is simple but not easy. Great choices must be made. It will come down to good vs evil. It always does...please let good win. Share! Share the wealth. Change your ways....get others to change too.

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