Thursday, March 3, 2016

RedFlags about VOTER FRAUD in the US

Bernie Sanders Campaign Needs to Address Primary & Caucus Voting Manipulations NOW

Voter Fraud, Vote Rigging
Published on Mar 3, 2016 from her Youtube Channel
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We are seeing a very disturbing pattern of systemic caucus manipulation & probable vote count manipulation in the 2016 Democratic Primary Race. Time for the grown ups to address the 200 ton elephant in the room and figure about what we are going to do about it NOW. 

And, the Sanders campaign needs to take the lead on this and stop ignoring the manipulation of this election occurring before our very eyes. Enough is indeed enough. (I need volunteers to help oversee election results in real time and screen shot discrepancies as they happen in real time, we need to independently document from here on out).

Sane Progressive Videos on Voting Problems & Petitions for Action can be found HERE 

 (SOURCES are in the video description links)

Sane Progressive Video on Need for Independent Poll Monitors:
Iowa BEFORE problems occurred:
Documented Problems in Iowa Caucus:
Democratic Party refusing Sanders Campaign Request for Info:
Desmoines Register Demands Iowa Caucus Investigation:
Sane Progressive Vote Petition for Raw Vote Iowa Release:
Sane Progressive Video Documenting Nevada
South Carolina Voting Machine Issues:
Hillary's Touch Screen Land Slide in South Carolina
South Carolina Democratic Party Chair:
Jamie Harrison - Podesta Group:
Sane Progressive: Bill Clinton's Illegal Behavior in MA:
(tons of link on the Bill Clinton MA story in video description and comment section - the evidence SHOWS he broke the law no matter how the media wants to spin it)
(I will be posting screen shots from MA shortly - here is an article from Virginia on the vote flipping screen shots there and a REDDIT thread on the issue:

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