Saturday, March 5, 2016

LET'S TRY AGAIN! 2014-2020 Let's Go!!

 FOUR YEARS  may have passed but LET'S TRY AGAIN!
The old goal was 2010-2014 well let's try 2016-2020...Ready, Set, Four years. Goooooooooo!!

Back in 2011 I was really excited when I saw this video by Four Years. Go- A Campaign To Change the Course of History. I got so inspired. I really believed if we got everyone on board we could do it. But we faced great challenges. For one, we basically had a dictator running the country and plunging us right into climate change with Tarsands, Pipelines, Mining and Fracking.

I was so I start my own project #SaveMyCoast to raise awareness.


But now we have Justin and I just pray we can turn things around. It won't be easy but we must try.

I created these blogposts the other day and I recommend you check them out.

But be sure to watch this video and the ones below, great info to be shared. 

Do you ever think "What can I do, I am just one person?"

If you look on this page there are some great videos

I'm going to post a bunch below.

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