Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Calls of Voter Supression and Vote Fraud in Arizona

Just watching from Canada. Doesn't look good!! Calls and obvious videos, texts, tweets and fb - evidence of voter fraud and suppression in Arizona.

I hope the UN  or some International body is monitoring this. Someone sure needs to. They came in and watched when Harper was up to no good.

Saying prayers for Justice!!

“In the United States of America, democracy is the foundation of our way of life. And what happened in Arizona is a disgrace. I hope that every state in this country learns from that and learns how to put together a proper election where people can come in and vote in a timely manner and go back to work. Whatever the cost of that problem is people in the United States of America shouldn’t have to wait five hours in order to vote. We do not know how many thousands of people who wanted to vote in Arizona did not vote.”

VOTER SUPPRESSION THREAD: If you were unable to vote in Arizona's democratic primary yesterday, share your experience here and someone will PM you to get your contact information.


There Were 5-Hour Lines to Vote in Arizona Because the Supreme Court Gutted the Voting Rights Act Reducing the number of polling places in Phoenix had catastrophic consequences in the March 22 primary. 

   Aracely Calderon, a naturalized citizen from Guatemala, arrived just before the polls closed at 7 pm in downtown Phoenix to vote in Arizona’s primary last night. “When Calderon arrived, the line spanned more than 700 people and almost 4 blocks,” the Arizona Republic reported. She waited in line for five hours, becoming the last voter in the state to cast a ballot at 12:12 am. “I’m here to exercise my right to vote,” she said shortly before midnight, explaining why she stayed in line.

But many other Arizonans left the polls in disgust. The lines were so long because election officials in Phoenix’s Maricopa County, the largest in the state, reduced the number of polling places by 70 percent from 2012 to 2016, from 200 to just 60—one polling place per every 21,000 voters.

The significance of this election feels tangible and weighty and personal suddenly. The line to vote at the Utah House District 24 Democratic Caucus tonight with Anson Fogel.
Posted by Alexandra Fuller on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

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