Tuesday, March 15, 2016


 Rocky Mountain Camp Solidarity Page
"Since March 3rd, 2016, with the intention of standing in solidarity with the Treaty 8 Stewards of the Land, supporters have gathered and fasted in front of the B.C. Hydro(333 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver). This daily gathering was called immediately following the colonial RCMP and BC court’s decision to displace landowners and indigenous members of Treaty 8 off their traditional territory on Tuesday, March 1st, 2016. The hunger strikes continue to be held daily from 8am to 5pm. Our demands are the same as the Treaty 8 Stewards of the Land; No construction until the court case of Treaty violations is finished and that this project be given a review with the BC Utilities Commission."

Way to Go Audrey! She speaks the Truth!!

"We will remain united!"
"First Nations women lead the way, that is ours inherently!!"
"Every mind and heart that we open is another victory for us to push for the positive changes that create better days for all."

Drumming the Women's Warrior Song- Channeling negative energy into good and empowerment!

Audrey Siegl speaking at Keep The Peace No Site Rally

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip No Site C

Pete Fry 

Listen to what he says about Syria and Climate Change, he's speaking the truth.

Joe Foy speaking out against Site C Dam

Wildlife to go extinct from Site C

Lynn Chapman speaking out against Site C at Keep The Peace

Harold Steves at Keep The Peace No Site C Rally.

Solidarity Notes Choir singing against Site C Dam.

Peace for a Valley

 Justin & Catherine Please Listen & Take Heed.
These people speak the Truth and you know it. Do the right thing. Please do not sacrifice people for fossil fuels. Our families and yours will pay the consequences through Climate Change if you do NOT take Action and Stop Site C.

Elizabeth May said those are Harpers permits. So shut them down.
This is Environmental Racism and you can change it and set Canada on the right course.
Take Action now.



Editorial Exclusive 
How BC Hydro Wound Up $76 Billion in Debt

COMOX, BC--(Marketwired - March 09, 2016) - As British Columbians wonder how they will shoulder the cost of the proposed Site C Dam, BC Hydro is quietly wrapping up the final stages of its application for approval of a Debt Management Regulatory Account to deal with its skyrocketing debt, which now totals $76 billion. It has taken a decade and a half of mismanagement to get to this point. In a recent article, How BC Hydro Wound Up $ 76 Billion in Debt, in the Watershed Sentinel, Arthur Caldicott describes the "…haemorrhage of cash which is now flowing out of ratepayers' pockets through BC Hydro to IPPs [independent power producers]."

Shortly after coming to power on their "New Era" platform in 2001, the BC Liberal government set out their first energy plan, Energy for Our Future. Caldicott points out that overruns in the billions occurred when departments were outsourced and transmission projects went over budget. Transmission was also carved out of Hydro to become the new BC Transmission Corp. -- eight years later and $65 million down the drain, this unnecessary action was undone, and BCTC was reintegrated into BC Hydro. Yet the decision to transform the role of private power so that it would dominate BC Hydro's electricity costs is the main source of crippling debt that BC Hydro now faces.


BC Hydro is obscuring data on temporary foreign workers: NDP 

Town leery of B.C. Hydro’s plan for Williston Reservoir - 




Marie, LMB said...

AWESOME post I love it and I was there to help support them. ♥

Tina Winterlik said...

Thanks, I try to help where I can. #KeepthePeace!
Good on you for being there in person!!