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FOUR YEARS. GO. Smith Electric Vehicles

Blog post by Tina Winterlik
March 4/2011

Yayy!! It's happening. People are getting on board and big changes are happening. Check out what Lynne Twist has to say.

FOUR YEARS. GO. Smith Electric Vehicles Testimonial from FOUR YEARS. GO. on Vimeo.

What happened when a recent gathering of the 20 largest U.S. companies looked at how to downshift petroleum use by their trucking fleets? Lynne Twist, co-creator of FOUR YEARS. GO., reports, then introduces Bryan Hansel, CEO of Smith Electric Vehicles.

Four Years Go

Hansel tells of how the FOUR YEARS. GO.  timeline has stretched his company’s thinking about how to accelerate a shift from diesel to electric-powered vehicles. Inspired by the 4-year timeline, Smith Electric intends to put 100,000 electric trucks on the road in 4 years. This is 10% of the national objective recently announced by President Obama – to produce 1 million electric vehicles over the next 4 years. Read More Here

Smith Electric Vehicles

Zero Emmisions
Our electric vehicles are completely zero emission.
Smith Electric Vehicles are fully zero emission. This means zero tailpipe pollution: no PM10s, no nitrogen oxide, no carbon monoxide and no carbon dioxide.
Today's political and social environment is placing increasing pressure on fleet managers to lower their emissions. Consumer pressure to shop green is also at an all time high. Smith's electric vehicles not only provide a greener solution in terms of zero emissions, but also contain components that are 100% recyclable.

Smith Electric Vehicles

Cost Savings
Free road tax, no congestion charge, no servicing and fuel costs at 75% less than diesel. 

Easy To Fuel
Plug in and go, 8 hours overnight for full charge, or top-up when needed. 

Low Maintenance
Only 4 moving parts in an electric engine compared to over a 1000 in a combustion engine. Less parts = less to go wrong.

USP Values
Gives you an edge over your competitors when tendering for contracts. 

Urban Applications

Fast acceleration and zero emissions, perfect for start-stop applications.

Vehicle Selection

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