Friday, March 25, 2011

Green Ideas & Initiatives

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011

Hi Everyone, since it's Friday and we are getting close to the Mar 29/2011 the entry date for short films in the Possible Futures Contest
by Four Years.Go,  I thought I'd share these videos and links to get your minds churning and inspire you.

We CAN Change the World to be an
Environmentally Sustainable, 
Spiritually Fulfilling,
Socially Just Human Presence 
on this Planet-FYG

We just need to collectively work together, the solutions are here!!!

Here are some Green Ideas & Initiatives

Rather than looking at our production systems as one way and linear, we can redesign them to be cyclical, as in nature, where there is no such thing as waste and materials are kept in the production cycle.

Zero Waste is emerging as a paradigm shift, a new, comprehensive socio-technical system that addresses our resource use from product design to disposal
Ride To Recharge

Riders are asked to meet fundraising minimums that go towards funding the purchase and installation of solar panels and environmental school projects in Chicagoland schools. 

Organic Connections
Lots of fabulous video here!

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