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Chloe Ulis School of Art

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Just wanted to share with you this info. Chloe was a participate in S.E.A.R.C.H. a program from the Alliance of Arts and Culture, I was also in S.E.A.R.C.H in 2004. It was a fabulous program.  

Chloe gives Art Classes. I always wanted to do this, maybe someday I still will. God knows I have enough art supplies to share  ;) I recieved an email from the S.E.A.R.C.H list this morning about her courses and thought I'd pass it along. 

Can't do enough to encourage MORE ART!! ;)

 Chloe Ulis School of Art

"The process of creating art is an amazing journey

Without boundaries or rules, art frees your spirit to be your true self

Your creative essence is like a bud opening in the spring.

When you let go, you allow your artistic vision to come alive.   

By seeing the splendour around you and listening to your unique voice as a creator, you will find riches within you. 

These experiences will cause your cup to overflow, 
and abundance will be a well-spring within you."  

Why Choose Chloe Ulis School of Art?

• Goal oriented art coaching

• Small & intimate art classes

• Positive, caring & supportive

• Experienced, expert Instructors

• Inspiring ideas for creativity & art

• Classes cater to varied learning styles

• Self-exploration & personal expression

• Learn new techniques only shared here

• Get beyond creative blocks & limiting beliefs

Art Classes in White Rock, BC

Art Classes in Vancouver, BC

Contact: Chloe Ulis
Tel: 604.805.5622


Hi there! Please forward this invite to anyone you know that may benefit from an affordable & inspiring art class!  

For those of you currently in my Evocative Abstract Painting Class, please note that this class will not start again until April so if you would like to take another class sooner then this is a great option!!!

Chloe Ulis School of Art
"Unlock your creative genius to discover life's riches"

This is just a friendly reminder that the Mixed Media Painting Class start date is tomorrow, Wednesday, March 16th!  In our classes, you will enjoy a positive, supportive, relaxing atmosphere that engages your creative mind and embraces and builds upon your natural strengths in art!  Our classes are open to all levels & beginners are welcome!!! Drop-ins are welcome!

In order for these classes to run, make sure to register in advance! :o)  Click on the link below for all the details!

Mixed Media Painting Class, Call 604- 257- 8195 to register at the False Creek Community Centre. 

Simply reply to this email if you have any questions.

Warm Regards,


Chloe Ulis
Director, Chloe Ulis School of Art

Art Classes for Adults

Semi-private Art Lessons

Evocative Abstract Painting

Vision Book Class

Mixed-media Painting Class

Drop-in Adult Art Classes

Art Retreats

Kids Art Classes:

Magical Puppet Theatre

All-in-one Amazing Art Class

Semi-private Kids Classes 

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