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Jacana Art Gallery - Granville St. Vancouver

Blog post by Tina Winterlik
Mar 2/2011

Popped into the Jacana Art Gallery today. They have another wonderful display. It was such a treat to just enter a quiet space and gaze and wonder at all the beautiful artwork. So detailed. I could feel my body relax and exhale.

If your feeling stressed or tired and need to be uplifted, inspired and amazed, check out the fantastic art exhibition at Jacana Art Gallery.

Jacana Contemporary Art Gallery

Current Exhibition

Jay Senetchko, Jason de Graaf & Patrick LoCicero.
March 5th - March 24th
Opening Reception Saturday March 5th 2-5pm

2435 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC, V6H 3G5

Tues - Sat: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Demystifying the Art of Collecting

Phone 604-879-9306

Twitter   @jacanaart


Jacana Contemporary Art opened in Vancouver in 2000 and proudly represents a variety of Canadian and International artists working in various contemporary media.

Jacana Gallery also gives special attention, but is not limited to, highlighting contemporary Asian art.

Located on Gallery-Row in the South Granville neighbourhood, Jacana is a member of a vibrant fine arts community in Vancouver and exhibits a mix of modern landscape, abstract and realist work.

We can be found a few doors north of Broadway on the west side of Granville Street.
Jacana Art Gallery- Granville St. Vancouver

Current Exhibition March 3rd- 24th    Opening Reception March 5  2-4 


March 3rd to 24th
Opening March 5th , 2-4pm
Jay Senetchko, Jason de Graaf , Patrick LoCicero

Jacana Contemporary Art Gallery is proud to present the still life series of Jay Senetchko.

Although born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta Senetchko has become a prominent figure amongst Vancouver painters. This may be due to his long history of teaching art at Vancouver Film School or his role in artists’ collective Phantoms in the Front Yard. Primarily self taught, Senetchko’s work focusing predominantly in figurative painting can now be found in galleries throughout Canada and the United Kingdom.

Still is a recently completed series of Still Life by Senetchko. Though each object is at first seen as mundane and inanimate, their warm glow and rich textures suggest much more. The subject of each piece stands as a monument symbolizing a moment in the artist’s life.

Paired with the hyperrealist acrylic works of Jason de Graaf and the whimsical collage pieces of Patrick Locicero.  Still exhibits the classic Still Life vanitas in contemporary day. Like many of the great Still Life pieces that have come before, this exhibition explores the narrative or meaning within the common object. Considered extensively and deeply enough, Senetchko notes that “…these objects start to ‘speak’ and belie their simplicity. It is the depth of these objects in which their stillness acquires life.”

Ocean View!

curriculum vitae

My paintings are about staging an alternate reality, the illusion of verisimilitude on the painted surface, filtered so that it expresses my unique vision. Though my paintings may appear photoreal my goal is not to reproduce or document faithfully what I see one hundred percent, but also to create the illusion of depth and sense of presence not found in photographs.

Many of my paintings are about the relationship of light with reflective and transparent surfaces and my journey to understand those qualities and convey my sense of wonder and intrigue over them.

In all of my paintings the subject matter is a springboard and a means to explore my ability to communicate something unique to the viewer.

I use colours and composition intuitively with the intent of imbuing my paintings with emotion, mood and mystery. Throughout, I try to remain open to new ideas as the painting unfolds

Born in Montreal, Jason de Graaf currently resides in Oka, Quebec. He studied illustration at Dawson College in Montreal from 1993 - 1996.

Jason de Graaf divided his time between working as a commissioned illustrator and his more passionate occupation as a fine artist, but in 2005 began to devote himself entirely to painting.

de Graaf renders realist works in acrylic filtered through a personal response to his subjects, infusing them with the motivation to communicate something unique to the viewer.

Patrick LoCicero - Merchant of Venice - oil on canvas/collage - 44x42 in

Jay Senetchko - Phone - oil on canvas - 12x10

Patrick LoCicero - The Wading Tree - oil on canvas/collage - 48x48 in

Jay Senetchko - Reflection - oil on canvas - 23x29

curriculum vitae

Inspired by European Masters, Early American Folk Art and photography Anne Siems paintings are narrative wonders.

The artist, who was born in Germany, currently lives in the northwestern US. A Fulbright Scholar, she has exhibited widely throughout the United States.

Her work is included in various important collections including the Arkansas Art Center, Boise Art Museum, Microsoft Collection, and the Tacoma Art Museum.
Pet Doe
21 x 15 in
mixed media on paper
by Anne Siems

What the Fawn Heard, 30" x 30", mixed media on board

Rabbit with Lace Collar, 36" x 36", mixed media on board

Swift Fox with Garland, 40" x 50", mixed media on board

Hare and Hummingbirds, 54" x 60", mixed media on board (detail)

Fawn and Hummingbirds, 48" x 48", mixed media on board

I just LOVE ANNE SIEMS and I especially love this painting of the fawn and hummingbirds, but all her paintings are fabulous.

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