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Sweet Dreams Liz! R.I. P.

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Good-by Liz, Rest in Peace, I loved you in National Velvet! Thanks for all the hard work you did with your Aids Foundation. Sweet Dreams and Now you can continue your work with the angels!


February 27, 1932 -- Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is born in Hampstead, England.
March 23, 2011 -- Taylor dies at Cedar-Sinai in Los Angeles, California.

Publicity photo of Elizabeth Taylor for Argentinean Magazine, 1947
Wikipedia - Liz Taylor
Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, DBE (February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011),[1][2] also known as Liz Taylor, was a British-born American actress.[3]

Beginning as a child star, as an adult she came to be known for her acting talent and beauty, and had a much publicised private life, including eight marriages and several near-death experiences.

Taylor was considered one of the great actresses of Hollywood's Golden Age.

The American Film Institute named Taylor seventh on its Female Legends list.

Lassie Come Home featured child star Roddy McDowall, with whom Taylor would share a lifelong friendship. Upon its release in 1943, the film received favourable attention for both McDowall and Taylor. On the basis for her performance in Lassie Come Home MGM signed Taylor to a conventional seven-year contract at $100 a week but increasing at regular intervals until it reached a hefty $750 during the seventh year.

Her first assignment under her new contract at MGM was a loan-out to 20th Century Fox for the character of Helen Burns in a film version of the Charlotte Bronte novel Jane Eyre (1944). During this period she also returned to England to appear in another Roddy McDowall picture for MGM, The White Cliffs of Dover (1944).

But it was Taylor's persistence in campaigning for the role of Velvet Brown in MGM's National Velvet that skyrocketed Taylor to stardom at the tender age of 12. Taylor's character, Velvet Brown, is a young girl who trains her beloved horse to win the Grand National. National Velvet, which also costarred beloved American favorite Mickey Rooney and English newcomer Angela Lansbury, became an overwhelming success upon its release in December 1944 and altered Taylor's life forever. Also, many of her back problems have been traced to when she hurt her back falling off a horse during the filming of National Velvet.

National Velvet grossed over US$4 million at the box office and Taylor was signed to a new long-term contract that raised her salary to $30,000 per year. To capitalize on the box office success of Velvet, Taylor was shoved into another animal opus, Courage of Lassie, in which a different dog named "Bill", cast as an Allied combatant in World War II, regularly outsmarts the Nazis, with Taylor going through another outdoors role.

The 1946 success of Courage of Lassie led to another contract drawn up for Taylor earning her $750 per week, her mother $250, as well as a $1,500 bonus. Her roles as Mary Skinner in a loan-out to Warner Brothers' Life With Father (1947), Cynthia Bishop in Cynthia (1947), Carol Pringle in A Date with Judy (1948) and Susan Prackett in Julia Misbehaves (1948) all proved to be successful.

Her reputation as a bankable adolescent star and nickname of "One-Shot Liz" (referring to her ability to shoot a scene in one take) promised her a full and bright career with Metro. Taylor's portrayal as Amy, in the American classic Little Women (1949) would prove to be her last adolescent role. In October 1948, she sailed aboard the RMS Queen Mary travelling to England where she would begin filming on Conspirator, in which she would play her first adult role.
Wikipedia - Liz Taylor

Cropped screenshot of Elizabeth Taylor from the trailer for the film Cleopatra.

The story of Cleopatra, the famous queen of Egypt. Having been driven out of the palace by her jealous brother, she regains her title with the help of the visiting Roman emperor, Julius Caesar. Determined to unite Egypt and Rome in a great empire, she seduces him and bears his child. After he is murdered, she works her wiles on his general, Marc Antony. She succeeds very easily, and all is ready for that great empire when Caesar's successor, Octavian, wages war on the two of them.
Release Date: June 12, 1963

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We mourn the loss of legendary actress, businesswoman, and fearless activist Elizabeth Taylor. 

If you want to honor the memory of Elizabeth, you may do so either by making a contribution in her name to the foundation or by posting a personal message here

Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation

Mission Statement

The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF) was established by Elizabeth Taylor in 1991 to raise funds and awareness to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS, and to provide assistance for those living with the virus.

With its focus on direct care and prevention education, ETAF provides funding to AIDS organizations throughout the world, providing support services to populations in need.

Through Miss Taylor’s fundraising activities, specially-hosted events and public appearances, ETAF receives contributions which are disbursed to service organizations and entities involved in the fight against AIDS.  Each recipient foundation is researched by ETAF and personally reviewed by Miss Taylor.

Through The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, Miss Taylor (1) supports organizations delivering direct care and services to people living with HIV/AIDS, and (2) supports organizations that provide education to the public regarding the AIDS virus and the prevention of AIDS.

ETAF provides financial support for organizations and entities both within the United States and internationally.

ETAF supports existing organizations and entities that have exhibited integrity in managing their operations along with the knowledge and ability to expediently provide services or achieve other designated goals.

Miss Taylor’s AIDS fundraising and advocacy efforts have served to raise much-needed funds and awareness of the pandemic.  It is her deepest wish to eradicate AIDS and to this end, the Foundation operates at zero overhead cost.

Miss Taylor personally underwrites all costs for raising and administering the Foundation’s funds, allowing 100% of all donations received to be put to work serving people with HIV/AIDS.

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