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Tina'z Social Media Workshop- Coming Soon!

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So I started a New Project last weekend and it's turning out bigger than I thought. It's going great but I have these 8 blogs I'm now trying to maintain.

Since I feel fully qualified and confident to teach Social Media I developed a course. It's an online course so that anyone, anywhere in the world can take it.

Tina's Social Media Workshop 

That's super exciting for me. I love the idea of being able to share what I have learned and know that I can really help someone promote their ideas, their dreams, their passions.

It's going to be a great course since it's very simple. I have actually taught many people how to use computers and different programs. I actually didn't even touch a computer until I was 28 that was in 1991. I had returned to school and enrolled in college as a mature student at Selkirk College.

That's when I took computer science, and I was scared to death, and was amazed they'd even let me touch a computer. I thought for sure I was going to wreck something.

Like I said I've taught alot of people and I know those feeling of being scared or nervous, so I am totally supportive. The first time I helped teach computer programs started at Langara in 1993, I taught some of the students how to use PhotoStyler which came just before PhotoShop. Someone had lost or taken the manual. I spent about a week before school actually started learning the program. I LOVED IT!

I guess that's why I LOVE Photoshop so much. Mr.Larrigan, my instructor then asked me if I would teach what I had learned to one of the students and when anyone got stuck I would jump in and help. That's how it started.

Then I worked for Triathlon Mapping and we used high resolution scanners to scan aerial photography. Pretty boring in that you don't get to manipulate it, but super cool because in a way your flying. I scanned about 30,000 diaps(aerial photos) in the 4 years I worked there, and  I saw so many great places, from really high altitudes to pretty low where you could see cars, and houses and things. It was like Google Maps way before Google Maps.

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Anyways, that was part of my job, to teach the new people who came to learn how to scan and run the computers. I taught young people, just out of high school and I taught old (the darkroom technician who lost his job in the darkroom when it was phased out because of the digital age and the new scanners)

So teaching is not new to me. I've also spent the last 8 years homeschooling my daughter, so that is a daily routine of teaching.

So I have the lesson plan laid out, and I'm doing my Social Media Marketing, trying to get the word out, and I hope you'll help and spread the word for me. I'd really appreciate it and tweet and facebook this.

There's going to be 10 videos, 12 actually but the first two modules are Skype and Paypal and they are free, that's so I can get the person registered and make sure they can participate using Skype and so they can pay with Paypal.








Tina'z Social Media Workshop



So as I was saying there are 10 videos and each has an assignment that students do on their own time.

I want to have different class times. The first session will be late evening classes and my target market is moms. I figure if the classes are late then they have a chance to get the kids to bed, and grab a cup of tea or glass of wine ;)  and sit down in the comfort of their own home and join us as we have a LOT OF FUN discussing and learning Social Media.

Sometimes being a mom can be very isolating, but if you can Blog and do Facebook and Twitter, well then you have an opportunity to reach out to people and they can reach back. Pretty Wonderful.

You can do it all in a positive, life changing, and insightful way that really can help the whole world. Seriously, there's been so many examples lately of the power of Social Media.

So let's teach everyone and Let's Give Them the Power!! Let's Give them a Voice!!

Okay, well I better get crackin' and go to work as my little one is in bed and it's my chance. I've been pulling these all nighters...3 am...but it's worth it.

Oh I almost forgot I'm having a Contest too! All you have to do is "Like" my facebook page for Tina'z Social Media Workshop and you'll be entered to for a chance to Win a Free Social Media Workshop. A very cool deal if I say so myself.

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Can't wait to share it all. Sleep tight all!

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