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Kogi Mamas "Message - From the Heart of the World!"

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I saw this film like 15 years ago, I remember watching with my mom and it impacted me deeply. Basically the message is this : If it's drying out up here, what will happen down there. It was a message from "Little Brother". We are big brother, were basically naughty and have gone off to discover the world but have been destroying with mines, pollution and ignorance. It's a Fabulous Movie, I just found this today so will try to get a copy.

The film ‘From the Heart of the World - the Elder Brothers’ Warning

It is undoubtedly Ereira’s documentary which has enabled the Trust to engender the interest and support it has. Initially shown in 1990, it was subsequently presented at the Rio Summit in June 1992, has been given prime time in the USA on a number of occasions and been presented on other national TV networks in Europe and elsewhere. At 90 minutes long, an unusual length for any documentary, it was prepared with a lot of input and editorial control from the Mamas. There is a specially commissioned orchestral score on the soundtrack and it makes use of filmic techniques (elaborate fade-ins and superimpositions etc) that are not normally associated with such documentaries. Actors, including Donald Pleasance and Jack Shepperd, are used to give voice to Kogi speech and narration is by Alan Ereira. There are interviews with experts such as Martin von Hildebrand (then Director of Indian Affairs), Alvaro Soto (Director of Excavations for ‘The Lost City’), and Frankie Rey, the tomb-robber who first found the ‘Lost City’.

Kogi Message
Meet the Tairona

The first thing to say about meeting the Tairona is -

These people are the conscientious guardians of a tradition, philosophy and form of thought that has been pretty effectively destroyed everywhere else in the world by the advance of our own culture. The most isolated of the Tairona communities, the Kogi, know very well that isolation is their only possibility for survival.

Extrait du film "Kogis: le message des derniers hommes" de Eric Julien.

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I haven't watch all of the videos completely for lack of time, nor could I understand everything in these videos as they speaking French, but I felt it was important to post this info.

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