Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Musing Mommies

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Found this great site this morning, Check it Out! I love the design of their site! Very Cool!

Mommy Musings

About MuMo

Musing Mommies is a Podcast designed for moms by moms!

Are you looking for a very informative show with experts in their fields giving advice?? 

Well that is not us! 

Oh yes we will give you info and some interviews but in our own way. 

We are two Texas moms talking about everything from poop diapers to world hunger.  

Get ready to laugh, cry and say to yourself “hey I feel that way too”.

Dawn is a SAHM to two rambunctious boys, a 6 year old and a 2 year old. She is also the owner of Dawn Fry Photo, a portrait photography business. Dawn enjoys blogging, photography, cooking and spending time with her family – not necessarily in that order!

She fancies herself a jack of all trades, and probably knows a little bit about most everything. In her brief work history (BC – before children) she worked as a music teacher, a cocktail waitress, hostess with the most-ess, a catering sales assistant, a financial planner’s assistant, a model coach, professional photographer, health food store manager, event sales manager, wedding planner and a slew of other things that make her a master of, well…nothing!

At times things get crazy, but she tries to find the humor in it all. And with 2 mischievous little boys, you know she’s likely to have a funny story from time to time!

If you would like to contact Dawn directly, please drop her an email at dawnATmusingmommiesDOTcom

I’m Kim and I’m a SAHM to a 6.75yr old daughter and a 4yr old son. I too consider myself a bit of a Jack of All Trades! I do know some about a lot of things. I enjoy photography, reading, audiobooks, crafty things, baking, podcasts, and I am a TOTAL Twilighter (a huge fan of the Twilight Book Saga). I am a hairdresser by trade, but I have experience in running a business, waitress-ing, dog grooming, and banking.

I was introduced to podcasts about a year ago by my husband. I fell in love with them. I have a list of podcasts I subscribe to and I’m always looking to add more.

Feel free to email me here: kimATmusingmommiesDOTcom

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