Thursday, March 31, 2011

ShirtSeed-Your Window to Sustainable Style

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I wanted to tell you about Shirtseed.  

Shirtseed is your Window to Sustainable Style, it is a portal for Organic Fashion. If your looking for or Selling Organic Clothing then you definitely want to check out Shirtseed

@Shirtseed Vancouver
Information portal for lovers of organic and sustainable lifestyle products.

Shirt Seed
"If people want to change, they will. If they don’t want to, it’s hard to make them do so. The current interest in the environment is a good thing. The best way to make a contribution in fashion is to promote the idea that a fundamental interest in preserving the environment is itself fashionable."
-Giorgio Armani

Shirtseed is a portal for organic fashion. You will find a collection of labels, based out of Vancouver, Canada. Shipping is available throughout the US and Canada. BTW, organic fashion is chic, Georgio says so.

Shirtseed is a website that provides information on, and links to, organic and eco-friendly lifestyle products, primarily clothing. Based in Vancouver B.C. Canada, a hub of activity for organic innovation, we try where we can to promote local brands.

The critical criteria to be featured is that you must sell online and you must ship all over North America.

The website consists of mostly of Vancouver based companies who make it their mission to provide consumers all over Canada and the US with eco-friendly and organic choices.


Bamboo- Shirtseed

Organic Cotton

Hemp Fabric
Soy Fabric
Linen Fabric

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