Friday, March 25, 2011

Make a Film, Make a Difference!!

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Hello Friday!!
How are you all doing today on this Very Fine Day. I wanted to Share some Great Info with you.

First I have a question?

Have you heard of Four Years.Go

If not you should definitely check it out and Please Be Sure to Sign Up!! Our Future Depends On It. Because YOU are very IMPORTANT!
We all are! We are all very important parts of this puzzle called Earth!

Now Four Years.Go is having a Film Contest. It's called the The Possible Futures Contest

Now this is a Super Cool Contest, all you do is create a 5 minute short film and enter it and you could Win $10,000 and a trip for 2 to Ecuador! and that's just First Prize, there's other prizes too!

Now they have this Facebook Page and this Video was posted there. It's the Trailer for "I AM" and it's looks fantastic.

Wow! This is very powerful. In this film, Tom Shadyac poses two questions: What's wrong with our world and what can we do to make it better?

You can sign up for a newsletter if you like

Possible Futures Film Contest

Make A Film- Make a Difference
I found these other great links there too!

Global Oneness Study Guide- Download Here. sings "What I Am" as part of Sesame Street's 41st season premiering September 27th on PBS KIDS.

I Believe in Me Video & Photos by Tina Winterlik - I put this here to show you that if you believe in something strong enough, you will make it happen, against ALL odds. Trust me, it's true!!

Song-I Believe in Me-Artist- Amy Power

Don't Forget Earth Hour this weekend- You have the Power to Make it Happen!

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