Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Small Change, Growing Kids, & Tides Canada


What We Do

Small Change Fund empowers you to make big change with small change. We provide a place for you to discover, share, connect with, and support amazing grassroots projects in communities across the country – projects that need just a small amount of money to make a real and significant impact in the world.

We make giving simple.
Call it bottom-up investment, grassroots grant-making, place-based funding, micro-philanthropy. Whatever its name, it’s a new way of giving. We use the power of the Internet to engage everyone at their own level to share with others. We open up the giving process so you can have a hand in solving the problems you care about most. You read, you choose, you give. You can give money, you can give time, you can give support. It’s that simple.

We put you in touch.
Did you know that less than 1% percent of Canadian giving goes to grassroots groups and only a fraction of that goes to support environmental and international causes?

Local projects on the ground are often overlooked, especially when they’re needed most – it’s a funny thing, but tough times and complex challenges are just when small, local solutions make the most difference.

As the only Canadian organization of its kind, Small Change Fund puts you in touch with people on the ground, people who are best able to figure out and fix the problems in their communities

This is a video created by Environmental Education Manager, Paul Tucker, from EcoSpark. The video was made as part of a Toronto Digital Storytelling workshop funded by Green Street.

The story was made in response to the question: "Why you do you do what you do?"

The school gardens at Winchester Jr. & Sr. P.S. and Rose Ave. P.S. in the spring and summer of 2010, in east downtown Toronto.

Featuring: spring programs, the after-school program at Riverdale Farm with students from Regent Park, evening garden drop-in with families in the summer and youth green jobs.

See how engaging people in growing food has multiple tangible and intangible benefits!

Our school food garden projects are about kids and their grownups, plants and their people.

Video produced and music composed by Mehrdad Wellington.



In service to the people and organizations that change
the world

Tides Canada provides innovative philanthropic, financial, and project management services for changemakers – philanthropists, foundations, activists, and civil organizations.

As experts who share your values, we work on issues like habitat protection, marine conservation, water resources, climate and energy, arctic policy, food systems and urban sustainability.

Tides Canada helps you make the most of your charitable dollars and improve the lives of people in Canada and around the globe.
  • If you lead a charity or non-profit, we offer a wide range of services that can expand your donor base and provide long-term support for your organization.

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