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Japan- The World is Praying for You!!

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Feb 26/2011

As I sit here in shock this morning, I feel compelled to reachout and help, all I can do at this moment is say "I'm praying for you Japan." The whole world is praying for you.

This something right out of that movie the "The Day After Tomorrow", so shocking, so unbelievable to watch the Youtube videos. So heartwrenching! 

*Update-As I just about to post this the reports are saying at least 1000 people have lost there lives.

I heard about the earthquake on Twitter last night, and checked the Tsunami reports, my first big concerns were for all my family and friends in Zipolite, Oaxaca Mexico but reports said things were okay.They are right on the water, so I was very concerned.

Today I see warnings for the North Coast of BC, I'm on the South Coast but live right by the water. We won't be going to the beach for a while, just to be safe.

I've posted a few videos and links and info from Wikipedia. Prayers to everyone affected. I am sending you heartfelt prayers and postive thoughts and energy for you and your loved ones to be okay and to survive this terrible disaster.

Prayers for everyone who is frightened to tell you the Whole World is Praying for you. 

Sending lots of Love & Prayers that you & your families will be okay.

B.C. coast on tsunami advisory

BC Tsunami Advisory Update 

The first effects of the Japan tsunami reached Canada's West Coast at about 7:30 a.m. PT, and wave-height changes were negligible. 

"We have good news regarding the tide gauge at Langara Island at the northern tip of Vancouver Island, Kelli Kryzanowski of Emergency Management B.C. in Victoria, told CBC News. "When the wave was expected to come through, it did not record any sea level fluctuations."

Advisories are not as severe as a warning, but the Provincial Emergency Co-ordination Centre is advising local governments in coastal areas to activate emergency plans.

"We are in an advisory situation here, where we could see a potential strong currents in harbours and isolated coastal areas," Kryzanowski said earlier.

"They aren't expecting to see any massive inundation, but we are looking at some potential waves about 50 centimetres or so."

Kryzanowski added: "People that are on the beaches could get knocked off their feet. This comes in as you can see with an incredible amount of force, so we do want people off the beaches as well as boats in harbours and marinas [that might] suffer some damage.



BREAKING NEWS: Tsunami waves hit Ore. coast after sweeping Hawaii


Tsunami Warning For San Francisco Bay Area, Some Evacuations After Big Japan Quake 

Hawaii hit by waves almost two metres high at Maui, as effects of Japan disaster move east

Read more:

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

The 2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami (東北地方太平洋沖地震, tōhoku chihō taiheiyō-oki jishin[2]?, literally Tōhoku region Pacific Ocean offshore earthquake") was an 8.9-magnitude megathrust earthquake that created tsunami waves of up to 10 metres (33 ft).[3]

It was measured at 7[4] on the Japan Meteorological Agency seismic intensity scale in the northern Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, with an initially-reported magnitude of 7.9,[4] while the JMA's tsunami warning listed the magnitude as 8.4,[5] later updated to 8.8.[6]

The earthquake focus was reported to be off the Oshika Peninsula, the east coast of Tohoku on Friday, March 11, 2011, at 05:46 UTC (14:46 local time) at a depth of 24.4 kilometres (15.2 mi).[7] News reports by Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) indicate that at least 288 people have died and another 398 are missing in six different prefectures,[1] although it is feared the total number of dead could be far higher.[8][9]

The magnitude of 8.9 made it the largest earthquake to hit Japan in recorded history[3] and the seventh largest in the world since records began.[10][11]

The effects of the quake included visible smoke rising from a building in the Port of Tokyo with parts of the port areas being flooded, including soil liquefaction in Tokyo Disneyland's carpark.

[14][15] Shinkansen bullet train services in and out of Tokyo were suspended, though there were no derailments; Narita and Haneda Airport both suspended operations after the quake, with most flights diverted to other airports until further notice.[15] Various train services around Japan were also cancelled, with JR East suspending all services for the rest of the day.[16]

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said shortly after the earthquake that four nuclear power plants were shut down automatically. 

 According to the Associated Press Japan has declared a state of emergency following the failure of the cooling system at one nuclear plant.[17] Officials say there has been no leak of radiation or radioactive material.[18]

More than 2800 residents living near the power plant were ordered to evacuate.[19]

The World is Praying for you Japan!!!

Dear People of Japan, we are sending you love and prayers and positive energy. We are SO SORRY for your loss and suffering and pray that you survive this terrible tradegy. You are such a Strong Nation & Beautiful People- We Know you will overcome this disaster. We pray help arrives quickly. Sending Love from Angel & Tina -Vancouver BC Canada

At Least 1000 have Died

How Canadians Can Help

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