Thursday, May 26, 2011

10,000 Page Views Since September

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So this is very COOL. Today sometime my blog will hit 10,000 pageviews. WOW. This is really something for me, since I only really started faithfully blogging on it since September 2010. I have had this blog a long time but at one point deleted a bunch of stuff and just started to find my voice.

It took a bit, but now I know what I like to blog about I LOVE IT. I love sharing all the great videos, just like that funny one the other day Gotta Share  that's how I feel and guess so do alot of other people.

I remember I had my Adventures of Angel blog, I had it like 4 years and only had about 600 views. So this is a BIG DEAL to me, because my Adventurez in Mexico Blog is about to hit 10,000 pageviews too. But probably tomorrow or next day as it needs more than this blog Tina Winterlik

Overview of pageviews
Audience Stats

Here are my stats of Adventurez in Mexico

AdventureZ in Mexico Audience Stats

AdventureZ in Mexico Overview

So what's next.  Well people are always telling me "Get Some Advertising on there" and I know I should but I don't want just anyone, I want something GREEN, and they really have to align with my way of thinking. That's why I came up with the Billboard Blogpost idea  And I ENCOURAGE you to take advantage of my offer.

It's very reasonable, basically it's  one time fee  and here is what you recieve.

Billboard Blogpost on Tina Winterlik

Package #1 Photography, Video, Copy, Links (Local Clients) $250 Cdn

Package #2 Copy & Paste Relevant Info from your Blog, Website or Facebook Page 
(Local and International Clients) $100

Package #3 Need a Social Media Manager - Let's Talk! 

Pay by Paypal

Anyways think about it,  you can see what other people said Testimonials .

So What's Next! I created a portal yesterday for my Zipolita blog  to have a place for everyone to easily find my blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter & Linked in links.

I thinking that I would like to try Blogtv and I'm going to see if I can put the interface in there, I think that might be really FUN! I'm  a little nervous, but I think I could meet some SUPER cool people that way and we could talk about GREEN stuff.

What else...well I hope to start painting, my gosh it's been so cold, and yesterday it POURED all day, it was so grey. It was a great day to stay inside and fix my blogs. Anyways I hope we will get some nice weather here and I can start painting more.

And maybe start making some beach glass jewelry. You know before I had Angel I had a huge beach glass collection and I would sit for hours making jewelry. When you have a kid, sometimes part of your life gets put on hold for a bit. For me it was painting and my jewelry, but she's 8 almost 9 now and we are starting to do things together. She's a fabulous storyteller, so we will be working on that more too.

My other goals are to finish unfinished projects, I need to finish my actual MOVIE for Adventurez in Mexico. It will be 2 hours and have narration and music and I hope people find it very eye opening and helpful if they want to go on a trip to Mexico and if they are thinking about taking their kids.

I still have my Social Media Workshops, so I have to work on those. Let's see I want to make 3 more 5 minute films for the Possible Futures Contest for Four Years. Go. 

I have nearly 1000 Twitter followers too! I have 945 so I'm close, so I'm Super Happy with that too!!/zipolita

Well I better get on with my day. Have a great one! Tina aka Zipolita :)

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