Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vancouver Rally- Save the Huicholes in Mexico

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There is a Rally at Waterfront Station this Thursday May 19th to Bring Awareness to and Stop the Mining by First Majestic Mining Company in the Real de Catorce. This is the Sacred Pilgrimage Land of the Huichols. I did a blogpost on it on my Adventurez in Mexico blog and you can read about it here.

Please Come Out and Save the Huicholes- they are facing Extermination

"The First Majestic Silver Company from Canada is threatening the Sacred Lands of the Huichol people. If they lose their Sacred Lands they feel this is the extermination of them.

They are asking the Canadians that if you respect your lands please respect ours.

The Huichol People perform a Sacred Ceremony on their lands where they pray for the balance of the world. They feel that this Ceremony is critically important to all."

Save Wirikuta

Respect Mother Earth!
Pray for the Water!

Stop mining in Real de Catorce!
Rally at First Majestic-AGM

Waterfront Station
Thursday, May 19th; time: 9:00 am

Defend International Indigenous Rights regarding use of their water, aquafiers and land, protect the sacred pilgrimage route of the Wixarika-Huicholes in Mexico, from the destruction of First Majestic, mining company based in Vancouver.

Bring your drums, posters and blessings!

Would you like to learn more about the Wirrarika-Huichol culture?

Please come and join us!

Meet at Waterfront Station (Cordova exit), at 9:00 am. March to First Majestic AGM at 837 West Hastings for 9:30 am.

Info. 604-278-8108

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