Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mysti Mayhem- Indie Music Works

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Check out Mysti's Songs on Indie Music Works. Mysti is Incredibly Talented. You'll see. She has an such a "powerful & delicate voice", and "her songs are so touching", and "she's just a fabulous musician."

Hey Mysti, you definitely help me make it through the day. I love your work. Your amazing.

Click here to hear songs. Mysti Mayhem - Indie Music Works
Mysti Mayhem - Indie Music Works
Quoting Mysti from Indie Music Works
"Music often brings me out of myself so I chose to create the alias Mysti Mayhem, which is the stagename that inhabits my work. My music is a fingerprint of my life. If there is a lesson or a story I cannot rest as long as the songs are tingingly my lips and begging to be conveyed. Music is the audible embodiment of my spirit, and my instruments are the story tellers. It's an honor to be in love with an art that changes chemistry and creates better realities for those receiving the sounds and vibrations

My youthful ambitions with music have led me down many paths that I could consider as regrets and blessings of my maturity

I escort the desire for people to hear my recordings and romanticize with the hope that my experiences and sounds will help someone through their day."

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