Sunday, May 1, 2011

I don't like Noisy Marathons! Ba! Humbug!

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011 

**Update: After the people did move, I made contact with some people thru twitter and as we went out we saw that they'd moved to the otherside of the street, the band was playing better music and that helped. So Thanks to the people who listened and help. Very much appreciated! :)

Okay, I know I'm going to take some flack about this but "I don't care for Marathons." It's not the marathon itself or the runners, its the Cheerers!

Once along time ago, when my little girl was about 2, these voluteer cheerers stood by our building and "screamed their lungs out."

2x people went out and tried to explain that some people work nights, not everyone wants to be involved in the Marathon, and that it's early Sunday morning, perhaps we'd like to enjoy the calm & quiet, birds singing, that kind of thing. Not people Cheering, for 4 frigging hours.

Its usually one voice that gets on your nerves, they yell and yell...ah I feel the Grinch coming on, All the Noise, Noise, Noise.

I went on Twitter and tried to contact someone to see if we can persuade these people to move down to a few blocks. Its just that this area acts like an amplitheather and it's terrible.

The other week there was another marathon, but they were quiet, I don't know why this one is so noisy, but someone needs to get the message.   Not everyone likes the marathon.

So if someone could move these people away or at least remember this next year, because you may really like to get up early and watch Marathons, but you may not like it if I come and stand in your front yard when your just waking up or going to bed and screaming my lungs out!!

When you live on a marathon route and see dozens of marathons all summer long, you hope people will be respectful in your neighbourhood.

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