Tuesday, May 3, 2011

To Depressed to Blog

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011


After the crappy results of the election last night, I can't blog today. I'm too depressed. What happened Canada? I don't get it! I can't talk about it....it's to frustating, saddening, maddening...at least it's sunny out. (What kind of example did you just set for all the children???)

Someone showed me how to fix up all my Facebook pages so I'm going to work on that today and I have a meeting about getting a mentor, so I'll talk to you all tomorrow when I feel a bit better about things.

At least Elizabeth May got in! Thank God for the one little ray of sunshine...now there's little hope for the next time, ...4 frigging years away.

What can happen in 4 years?...that's what Four Years.Go is all about.

Changing the world in four years. I need to stop focusing on this little "sh_t" and focus on the bigger picture- SAVING THE PLANET!!

Okay kids, I'll be okay, a set back, major setback, but we will survive, we are survivors, thrivers, go getters...I'll talk to you all tomorrow. Have a sunny day! If you can!

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