Monday, May 16, 2011

Heavy Metals in Makeup

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So my kid is visiting with friends and I know I should be cleaning the house while I have the chance, but this  is really important and I want to share it.

Along time ago....well about 16 years ago, I used to work graveyards, I remember listening to the radio and there was a man on there and Wow!! he was talking some interesting sh_t!

Seriously he was saying that there were all these toxins in makeup and that they were allowed because the were "grandfathered in." He explained that that meant because they were there before the new rules were made they could stay! ...What?

Heavy Metals Fact Sheet
Anyways, he claimed that the reason that so many women get face cancer was from the makeup. He also said that the millions of dollars spent on advertising campaigns in Vogue and other magazines is so sad when that money could be use for research on how to create healthy makeup.  So guess what...I sort of stopped wearing makeup.

It happened sort of gradually, the first to go was foundation, because that to me was like putting poison all over my face for sure. Then eye shadow, I never did wear much lipstick and it was usually just pink, not the heavy reds that look so cool. Then I guess the final thing to go was mascara. That was more because it just started to bug my eyes, they were always itchy and I couldn't wear contacts with it.

So it is Super Rare that you would ever see me with makeup. I like it, I think it's pretty, but it's not me. Not anymore, but I'll be 50 next year and that could be why, I guess I've out grown it, and I'm just into natural stuff. Same with nail polish. For many years I have said that your nails can not breath when you put nail polish on and I don't even like for my child to wear it. It's a once in a blue moon treat.

So now here is this big report confirming it all. I saw something a while ago on a TV program where they tested the whole family for Heavy Metals and it was the teenage girl with the highest levels which shocked me at the time but this would make perfect sense.

Anyways, check it out, make your own decision but the biggy is that all this crap ends up in the water and ground, so it's polluting us through the whole process.

Let me know what you think about all this, I'm interested. 

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Environmental Defence- Report- Just Beautiful Heavy Metal Factsheet

Link to Download the Factsheet Pdf

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