Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Expo 86- I worked there

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011 

Wow, this is a cool video. Looking back it brings back so many memories. I graduated in 1980 and there just weren't alot of jobs, I lived out in the valley and you really needed a car.

I remembered working on a raspberry picking machine, picking mushrooms, packing eggs, and then somewhere in there I got the job at Expo 86 working graveyards, as a janitor.
I worked in building that burned down a while back. It was the main place for all the offices, the costumes, and I forget what else. (I didn't know it at the time, but it had been used to house the Japanese during the war, so had some "weird" energy there. )

It wasn't right on the grounds, it was over by the Chinese gardens, but I had to pass thru the grounds to get there. 

Every night I took the bus down Fraser St, and I could watch the fireworks. I only worked there a month, as I got another job.

It definitely stimulated the economy. I got paid $3.50, I think that was the minumum wage and at Expo I may have got $3.75  or maybe $4.25 I can't remember. After I quit I got a job in a laundry for $5. That was like hitting the big time. Then after a year I got a union job for $9. So things were looking up.

Anyways, here an old pic of me in my Expo86 uniform. Looks wrinkly. Oops! I think I just put it on quick to have a photo, as that pic is taken in the valley and I was living/working in Vancouver.

In my Expo86 uniform

I remember one cool thing, that after Expo86 ended, we all got a letter thanking us for our work from Jimmy Pattison. That was really cool for me. I'm pretty sure I still have it and a button and a few other momentos.

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