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Wixárika people and the desert

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Save the Huicholes
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Wixárika-Name of the group of people also known as Huichol people. They are one of the people in México who have inherited and preserve alive and intact the ancestral tradition, and the way of living in a deep respectful relation with life, nature. They currently live in central western México, in the Sierra Madre Occidental (western mountain range). Their territory is mainly across the states of Jalisco and Nayarit, and also in Zacatecas and Durango. Read More

Wirikuta-It is the sacred temple where the Wixarika people go when they  pilgrim to collect the hikuri (peyote) and leave offerings.  It is located in the highlands in San Luis Potosí and Zacatecas.  This territory has an area of 140 212 hectares (1 402.12 km2) and cover part of the municipalities of Villa de Ramos, Charcas, Villa de Guadalupe, Matehuala, Villa de la Paz and Catorce. Read More

Read here about the Rally in Vancouver at Waterfront Station May 19th 9am

Mining Justice Week
The Mining Justice Alliance, a grassroots network of activists and organizations, is planning a week of action, art and education from May 14-19 to bring attention to the social and environmental impacts of Vancouver-based mining companies.

More and more Canadians are raising concerns over the impacts of mining, in solidarity with affected communities.  

We feel a responsibility to hold these transnational firms accountable, considering most of us are invested in them through our contributions to the Canada Pension Plan.

En Defensa de Wirikuta y la Sierra de Catorce from venado mestizo on Vimeo.
WIRIKUTA es el lugar sagrado a donde se dirige el pueblo Wixarika cuando peregrina para recolectar el hikuri (peyote) y dejar ofrendas. Se encuentra en el altiplano ubicado en San Luis Potosí y Zacatecas. Este territorio tiene una superficie de 140 212 hectáreas (1 402.12 km2) y abarca parte de los municipios de Villa de Ramos, Charcas, Villa de Guadalupe, Matehuala, Villa de la Paz y Catorce.

Comprende la planicie y la Sierra de Catorce, es un lugar de incalculable riqueza cultural, espiritual y natural que se manifiesta de manera particular en cada zona. Wirikuta es parte de la Red Mundial de Sitios Sagrados Naturales (UNESCO 1988) y está en la lista tentativa para ser Patrimonio Cultural y Natural de la Humanidad. Es Reserva Ecológica, Área Natural protegida y sujeta a conservación ecológica: Reserva Natural y Cultural de Wirikuta.

Actualmente Wirikuta y la Sierra de Catorce se encuentra amenazada por la actividad minera tóxica y devastadora.

Location: Real de Catorce, Mexico

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