Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Save the Amazon- Send Chevron a Message

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HELP SAVE THE AMAZON! We need your help! Please!!
Listen to this video. It's so honest and to the point. Please I implore everyone to do their part. Look at this world, its such a mess. With storms, tornados, forest fires, flooding, it's obviously linked to Climate Change and to oil. We need to stop using it. We need to use alternatives. We need to stop polluting innocent peoples homes and lifestyles and take RESPONSIBILITY for OUR  actions. Chervon NEEDS TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and fix what they have broken. People are dying. The Amazon is dying. What's next?

We can do our part. Sign the petition and then seriously make efforts to "green up" their lives. Many of us have lived pretty good lives, but what about our children. What about their future? We need to ACT NOW! so that OUR children have a future, a good future, a healthy future. WE NEED THE AMAZON!

Please Watch This Video

Click here Please!
Help Save the Amazon- Support Carmen and Sign the Petition TODAY!! Please!

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