Thursday, May 19, 2011

Check out She's Next

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This is a super cool site. Just exactly what we need to keep us on track and headed on our paths to follow our dreams, overcome challenges and achieve our goals and happiness.

Hana Kamm

@ShesNext Chicago
Get inspired. Uncover your passion. Achieve happiness. Unlock mental barriers. Create success as YOU define it. And much much more!

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We live at an interesting time where women have more opportunities than ever before, yet we are more uncertain about our roles, identity and place in society. At She’s Next we believe in both the power and the freedom the modern woman has to create the life she wants.

At She’s Next, we understand the very real challenges women face moving forward. We ask leading thinkers from a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise, thought-provoking questions about life, career, health and wellness, relationships, and how to map an uncharted course.

You see real-life stories of women who battled the odds, overcame challenges and went on to achieve success as they define it.Read More Here


Hana Kamm is the founder of She’s Next, an organization providing inspiration and awareness about the issues facing today’s women. Known by her friends and family for her positive outlook on life, Hana cherishes simple pleasures and enjoys encouraging others. She started She’s Next to create a community where women leaders could share guidance and knowledge on how to live a unique, confident and self-assured life. Read More Here

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