Monday, May 2, 2011


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Well Good Monday Morning, I could tell you what a glorious gloomy rainy wet morning it is, but my window is open and a little bird is singing it's heart out, so that brightens the day. I love all the birds and spring. I love the ENVIRONMENT!!!  That said, it's voting day.

I've done all I can. I am informed as I can be I believe, I followed the flashmobs, momthevote, and other various groups, I've posted videos, platforms and comments and tried to help people be informed too!

Now all we can do is pray. Pray and Project Positive Energy, that what ever happens, happens for the best!! 

It would be wonderful, and I said this in an earlier post, that if we could have taken all that fabulous positive energy from William & Kates wedding and projected at the environment and the well being of the earth.

I am praying that all the great energy surrounding todays vote, as students and young people come out in record numbers, as informed women unite and vote in record numbers, as everyone heads out to vote that, that the beautiful positive hope for change and democracy is channeled towards the environment, and tackling child poverty and homeless and education and health, and peacekeeping, so that Canada is a place really are REALLY proud to call home.

A country of open mindedness and understanding, not righteous & closemindedness. 

Okay, enough of the preaching, let the pomp and ceremony begin, let's VOTE!!

Vote Today

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