Monday, May 16, 2011

Gordon Wolters- Fire In Slave Lake Videos

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011 

Just watching the news, our hearts to out to all of you. We are praying for you.

This is the documentation of the Slave Lake fire on May 15/2011 these videos are by Gordon Wolters.

This one is the saddest. This is the statement he posted under the video.

Canyon Creek. Fire looms. Everything I have worked for, our dream. Now Gone.

Click here for Info on how to help - Red Cross


Samkiddogordon said...

Thanks for this. We will be ok, it will be a long road, but we are some of the lucky few. We got a little notice on the Canyon Creek evacuation and we were able to get out with a little, but it was still a shock to have to leave. I went back thinking I could save it but soon realised there was no way. We had family to run to and good insurance. We havent returned yet, and that will be the worst. but others faired much worse. I posted these vids from my I phone to help others, but didnt do a good job on keeping them in order.

Gordon Wolters

Tina Winterlik said...

Oh my God, it's so sad hearing your words. I went thru a fire in Zipolite and lost most of my belongings and I didn't have any insurance. I was just traveling, so it wasn't the same, but that awful feeling of loss and the fear is hard to shake, and watching the people around me who lost everything. We had a fire in the building we live 2 yrs ago and the smoke went into our apt. It was awful. Even now when the smoke alarm goes my little girl is terrified. My prayers for you and everyone. I am so sorry. Tina and Angel