Friday, May 13, 2011

I Have a Voice, Amazing Women & Hurricane Hazel

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Love these Videos. So Empowering. Come Ladies, Let's Speak UP  and Way to Go Hazel, saw you on a TV talkshow the other night and it was really cool! Your one Amazing Woman that Rocks.

Susan Macaulay

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Susan Macaulay's one-minute audition for TED 2012 Full Spectrum

Hazel McCallion - Is Definitely a "Amazing Woman that Rocks"

Ines Almeida

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7 Wonderlicious

Hurricane Hazel

Hazel McCallion, CM (born February 14, 1921) is the mayor of Mississauga, Ontario. McCallion has been Mississauga's mayor for 32 years, holding office since 1978. She is affectionately called "Hurricane Hazel" by supporters as well as the media at large for her vibrant outspoken style of no-nonsense politics.[1]

She is one of Canada's best known and longest-serving mayors and she is one of the longest serving elected leaders in history. Now aged 90, she was easily re-elected in October 2010 for her 12th consecutive term, holding a 76% majority of the votes, and has often been reelected without even needing to conduct an actual campaign. Read more here

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