Monday, February 22, 2016

Be a Farmer for a Day or for LIFE!!

I was raised on a little hobby farm from when I was born to the about  7...and we had animals after that ...we never had a cow but we did have pigs, rabbits, chickens and cats, dogs etc.

I believe my dad instilled great respect and values for animals and food. He had been raised in Saskatchewan and I know they had a farm and cows...I don't know much about my dad as he passed away when I was little but I am so grateful for the love of nature he instill in me.

My mom loved animals too, and she was a huge influence on me. I have been wanting a garden for so long and to escape the city life for rural. But it's not easy anywhere right now. People are detached.

They have lost their way, they don't understand what's happening.

Sadly I admit that being poor and then given the opportunity for  big wage I sold out and I worked at Lilydale the turkey processing plant. That place took it's toll on my body and brain and I will pay the price for the rest of my life.

Hopefully though, because I worked in many farm environments before that I can use my knowledge and experience to somehow enlighten YOU and others of what's happening out there.

Most people want to turn away, and that's understandable, we don't want to think of caged and living things being killed or exploited.

We have to make big changes and we have to teach our children, and give them experiences so they can learn the value of life and food and balance.

Check out this link and watch the video below.

When Angel was 10 we went Woofing, that means to work on an organic farm in exchange for food and shelter, there was a lot of ups and downs but we did have some great experiences and one of the best was Angel learning to milk a cow....something I have never done. In the video above where she mentions that everyone should be a farmer for a day, is BRILLIANT!!

Everyone needs to go and personally see how and where their food comes from. And then get on the bandwagon with me and start demanding local food. Just small local people growing, raising, sharing, bartering and selling their food. No more shipping it thousands of miles to be processed...

Eggs gathered while we are Woofing! -Work on Organic Farm- in exchange for food and shelter

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