Sunday, February 21, 2016

Save the Peace River Poem

thoughts of a fire keeper listening to heavy equipment preparing to dam the Peace River
listen to the beat
of their windego drum
pounding iron into the river
injecting consumerism
into our Mother's blood
as if they could ever addict her
to her own self-destruction
the way they've addicted us

selling us a dam
that no damn world
could ever need
to feed us more electronic distraction
more disconnection
ramming their ego rapist erections
down our throats

selling us money they say
we've gotta have
arbitrary portraits of genocidal heroes
so we can buy factoried souls
reduced to supermarket meat
when we used to have bison here
selling us fear and oranges
off a boatload
from some far off country
when we have the soil
beneath our feet
to feed ourselves

and telling us if we want
our children's bellies to be full
we have to climb up in their beasts
and beat the windego drum
cannibalize our own blood
and the future of generations to come
leave them earthquakes and drought
with the never ending flood
of the greed we're now
addicted to

while our Mother cries out no!

no more
you cannot make her a whore
it isn't about how much
you're willing to offer
in dollars and in cents
the answer is no
this river wants to flow
no more bondage
with your dams

only offering humility, and respect
then she will give
and give and give again
and wrap us in the peace we crave
to hear the drums of our own hearts
to eat the food
we grow ourselves
and to bring the bison home
for our generations yet to come

we say no more

no more dancing to the sound
of the industrial windego drum

and with this sacred fire
like Saaya we'll turn back the beast
and let the river of our ancestors' love
not be stopped here
with the insatiable greed
of our addicted selves
but let it flow
with abundance to our young
they way our Mother
has always nurtured us

Christy Jordan-Fenton

STOP SITE C- David Suzuki & Grand Chief Stewart Phillip 

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