Monday, February 8, 2016

Trip Down Memory Lane for Family Day

Happy Family Day! I thought a trip down memory lane was in order.
I came across this great old video of a road trip through the Fraser Canyon.
My family moved to a place between Hope and Yale - to what would be called Dogwood Valley eventually but that was 1969-1973. If you look on this at 1:29 that was the place my dad bought.

And at 2:29 is the highway we stood by as cross-patrols while the semi's barreled through the little town of Yale where I attended school grade 2-6. Later I took the bus to imagine going the opposite way everyday and afternoon...lucky for me, we moved as I just wasn't exactly thriving...that's another story.

Here's a home movie mashup I did of my dad's home movies 60's

Thank you Dad!! Love these old clips! That is my first birthday in the first clip

Here's Angel and I in Adventurez in Mexico.

Angel actually has a bad cold so we are just hanging out and I'm going down memory lane. Have a lovely day what ever you do!

HAPPY FAMILY DAY! Remember life is short so laugh!

Photography by  L. Winterlik  © 1964
 Remember life is short so laugh and enjoy the good times!
Photography by C. Winterlik© 2004

Photography by L. Winterlik © 1964-69

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