Sunday, February 21, 2016

Part 1 - Stephen Harper Protest Songs

Music is powerful, when you combine them with images, even more so.
We as Canadians have united and overcome so much, I think sometimes we forget how much we have achieved.

For many on the front lines of the Tar Sands &Lelu & Site C and the many more, always ALWAYS remember you are NOT alone.

Please, I challenge all CANADIANS, write a poem, song, make a video, paint, draw- do something to show your support for GREAT MOTHER EARTH. We must unite to save her and ourselves.

Here's some great protest videos that I never saw before.
Check out the Save Our Waters- I really love that one!! 

You make them, I'll share them and let's leap, . 
This is the year, leap year...

Are YOU awake about CLIMATE CHANGE yet?

Be sure to check out the STUDY GUIDE!!

#SaveMyCoast Art Project Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2016
Here is the video I made- #SaveMyCoast Art Project- A Visual Reminder

Love this video & song- this is a must watch and share!!
Hey hey, ho ho, no we won't let our waters go!!

Now let's change this to Christy Clark- I don't like Christy Clark...

In the good old days we had democracy
But now itʼs Steve-autocracy
With a daily dose of hypocrisy
Spewing from the PMO
Thereʼs Odaʼs yes or no about a not
And whereʼs the bill for all those jails you've bought
It's called contempt and like it or not
You've really got to go

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