Thursday, February 25, 2016

Check out Raffi's Video for his Song #WaveofDemocracy

Considering everything that has happened recently in the US election I am very concerned about what happens.

I truly believe Bernie Sanders is the best choice. The man has a soul!!! I am not sure about the others.

Raffi has released a wonderful new video & song - Wave of Democracy. I hope you will share it, especially if you know any expats or have American relatives. GO BERNIE GO!!


 Published on Youtube

Raffi has written and recorded songs inspired by the likes of Nelson Mandela, Jane Goodall, and the Dalai Lama. He has now written the song “Wave of Democracy" to mark a time when Sen. Bernie Sanders’ bold, positive and principled run for president is inspiring millions. Reclaiming democracy from corporate domination of congress and the media will take, as Sanders says, a growing movement for 'We The People’ democracy. Raffi, like the departed Pete Seeger, is a passionate democracy defender. He calls on all to sing and share this song, to join the wave of democracy and, most importantly, to vote. Feel the wave!

In Raffi’s words: The world needs the America that Bernie Sanders envisions, a nation for the people—fair and just. Fighting climate, not endless wars. A nation that honours its young, nurtures their families, and earns the respect of the global community. Here's to a wave of democracy: a spirit of dedication, engagement, and democratic action. Here's to voting in a progressive era of responsible government and sustainability.

* * *

The Washington Post described Raffi “The most popular children’s singer in the English-speaking world,” and the Toronto Star called Raffi “Canada’s all time children’s champion.” As well as gaining Gold and multi-platinum sales awards, Raffi is an author, entrepreneur, ecology advocate and founder of the Centre For Child Honouring. A recipient four honorary doctorates, Raffi is a member of the Order of Canada and the Order of B.C.

Wave Of Democracy
(Inspired by Bernie Sanders)
words & music by Raffi
© 2016 Homeland Publishing

Recorded by Ken Burke on Salt Spring Island, BC,
for Troubadour Music Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Music credits:
ukulele, guitar, piano and voice : Raffi
drum sequence: Ken Burke
backing vocals: Sabrina Aven
youth vocals: Jolene Curran

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