Thursday, February 11, 2016

Free Market- Feb 24th Wed- Ta'kaiya Blaney, Rachael Goddyn & Smile

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Please Spread the word & Invite as many people as you can to our new Wednesday series Free Market at The Heartwood Cafe

The Free Market ft Ta'kaiya Blaney, Rachael Goddyn & Smile

Join us to celebrate the gift economy, at Heartwood Cafe every 4th Wednesday of the month starting February 24th as part of the Wednesday Series, a weekly night of live performances showcasing artists and artisans in the Heartwood Community!

Free market proudly presents live performances by Ta'kaiya Blaney, Rachael Goddyn and Smile.

There are so many things that go to waste in our society. In many cases there is really no need to BUY anything NEW because we already have a multitude of used items available. In fact, the future of our mother earth and humanity itself are at stake because of the destructive extractive processes & industrialization required to mass produce all the stuff we generally don't need. Here is YOUR opportunity to slow down the consumerist fueled capitalism that is killing the planet.

Give away what you don't need & find what you've been looking for. Clothing, books, gadgets, toys,music, art & more.

Building Community through mutual aid - the more we share the richer we all are.

Spend Less, Live More 

The Free Market takes place on unceded & unsurrendered Coast Salish Lands & Waters. 

We make it a priority to respect the people and the land.

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