Saturday, February 13, 2016

Changing my Hashtag to #SaveMyCoast

So maybe none of you know or care but for the last 4 years but mainly the last 2 years I was promoting my art work with Save Our Coast and using the hashtag #SaveOurCoast.

#SaveMyCoast Series Painting &  Photography by Tina Winterlik aka Zipolita © 2016

I build an enter artshow protest project based on it. But then something crazy happened, a ton of people in California started to use it. #SaveOurCoast

And someone thought that I was personally using it to promote myself (true) but at the same time taking advantage of the trending hashtag (not true...)

I wasn't. I didn't even know it was trending as I was following #Vancouver trending on twitter.

Any whoooo...I had just finished the 10th painting in the Series which at that time was called #SaveOurCoast and was posting them on twitter and I was going to tell them about how I was making a new video when all the kaakaa occurred.

And it wasn't a biggy but I felt hurt and I didn't want any misunderstandings and I didn't want to do a big explanation on Twitter as we have seen how people trying to explain themselves in a 140 characters can go south real fast. 

And because lately people are really on womens cases for putting their foot(s) feet, ?? in their mothers ie: Gloria and Meryl and you know the world is getting crazy and everyone is in attack mode so I decided to change direction, back up, go around and go forth.

So here is my new #hashtag that I am using to promote my work, my website, my project, my artwork #SaveMyCoast - Save My Coast

And so I hope no one has issue because we are all supposed to work together to SAVE THE WORLD! 

So feel free to use is but I just feel better knowing that I have chosen this #hashtag and if you don't like me using it, then go play in a different part of the internet. Thanks!


#SaveMyCoast - A Visual Reminder - Video

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