Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Whooshh- The Salmon Rollercoaster!! #SaveTheSalmon

Ingenious idea to help Salmon! Like Salmon Rollercoaster. Check this out!

How a Cannon Could Save the Wild Salmon Population
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The advent of hydroelectric dams has disturbed the crucial upstream migration of wild salmon for years. But a company called Whooshh Innovations aims to change that.

Their Salmon Cannon is derived from technology originally designed to assist apple and pear pickers in Washington’s orchards. The “cannon” is really just a tube lined with a “soft material [that] creates a seal around them, generating a vacuum effect that transports [the fish] through at 11-22 mph.”

Protecting the precious cargo is a system of baffles that keep the salmon from banging into the sides of the tube. The end result — launching the salmon upstream and up to 30 feet in the air — has passed safety tests at multiple sites.

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Ann Sally said...

RE:Costco & GMO salmon post in FB! False victory here. The problem is with open net farmed salmon more than GMOs! Get farmed salmon out of Costco & I've seen them in there a week ago!

I can see from your blog that you hold solid progressive values. Just need some more research on wild salmon perhaps?