Sunday, February 28, 2016



Wow normally I never watch the Oscars but having PVR made it a lot more fun.

That said Super Impressed with all the difficult issues that were dealt with tonight from #‎TooWhiteOscars‬ to Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church (SpotLight- Best Picture) and Lady Gaga with Vice pres, Biden asking everyone to take a pledge and Leo's win with a Shout Out for Climate Change, the Indigenous and everyone whose voice is smothered by big corporations. Inside Out won and that's a great movie about emotions and all the changes that come with puberty. 

There's  lot of really good movies I would like to see now. But like Chris Rock asked those people, I had never heard of most of the nominated films.

I am glad Mad Max, while it won all those awards, didn't win, Best Picture because it was just too violent and wouldn't send a good message to the world. And Sam Smith, became the first openly gay man won and Oscar and gave a shout to the LGBT community.

Talk about Diversity.
I was impressed by it all...although I saw much more gore and violence than anticipated, I think I might watch next year. One thing for sure, I am much more inspired about my creative efforts. When you see such amazing work its hard not to be.

And for all it's pomp and glory, I was feeling rather dark and gloomy today but hopefully there is hope for this world and the films are a big part of it as they are the messengers.

So thank you to all the artists, and everyone that it takes to make a film. Well done. Amazing!

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