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The truth is it's in everyones backyard...

Opinions, wow, they can bring out such strong emotions.  I find many people do not care because it's not in their backyard....but if it was, it'd be a whole new ballgame.

The truth is it's in everyone's backyard...

It's sad because it can pit neighbour against neighbour, families against each other. I pray for peace and calm and rational thought. It's hard when your are scared, hungry and you life is turning upside down.

We are going to see a lot more of this, as people stand their ground and fight for the homes (clean water, shelter and food) against corruption and big Fossil fuel, LNG, Mining, Fishing, Logging.

The earth is sick, people are sick, people want and need change. It will not be easy.

I saw letter that was shared through FB today and had many disturbing issues and I want to share my opinion and maybe enlighten some of you that could be interested in opening your mind and looking at it from a different angle, just so you can see both sides and then make an informed opinion based on facts and not just on fear or even someone elses fears or someone lies.

Bitumen is a whole new ball game, it's not like old oil, it's basically asphalt they turn into oil that can be made thinner and runny and this is just my definition, read the correct wording below. 

But inform yourself. We all need to work together.

Bitumen has an extremely high viscosity, between 8 to 10 API degrees (at ambient temperatures), rendering it unusable for use in electric power stations.

Bitumen can be modified by mixing it with fresh water and a small amount of phenol-based surfactant. The resulting mixture has properties similar to conventional fuel oil.[citation needed]

A newer version of bitumen-based fuel has replaced the original version with an alcohol-based surfactant, making it easier to transport the fuel and eliminating the health concerns associated with the phenol group of surfactants.[citation needed

The page takes you to asphalt
It is mucher thick and extremely difficult to deal with.

Oil Sands

2) The oil being pumped to the Valdez station was not Bitumen but created a huge disaster anyhow.
 Valdez Disaster happened, that project started in 1951 due to wars and oil shortage fears

Good grief people we are in 2016. 
Everyone woke up in 1962, Silent_Spring the year I was born but somehow they fell back to sleep.

We are waking up again though, we are much wiser, we understand that when you kill mother nature, she will come back and kill you in the form of flood, mudslides, hurricanes, earthquakes(fracking), water pollution (Flint)- thus cancer and death or no drinking water -
Please Inform Yourself
Listen to what Elizabeth May said

 Watch this!! Please!! Inform yourself! 

And yes the US has been all over putting in pipelines and as a result many lives and countries are suffering from terrible things because of it.

Please review these links below. This is nothing new. As the people of Ecuador what it's like. Would would you like to trade places with them. Do you want to live their life. Why is yours or mine so much more important than theirs.


Google Ecuador oil spill photos

Look through these links, I have been following this since 1995, 
it's terrible how these people suffer

Why can corporations go in and do so much damage and not be held responsible.

Look at Kalamazoo and the Gulf of Mexico,

Canada is by no means innocent, I was so shocked a few years ago to find out the truth about mines and all sorts of destruction going by Canadian corporations all over the world.


I don't want live like that, I don't my child live like that and I don't want you live like that. And we have had an oil spill our neighbourhood, (have you?) many actually, many close calls. Have you experienced.,000

Let us not forget this disaster-

Do you want something like this to happen to your child or grandchildren, dog, cat , anything you actually love. 

Please think it through very carefully. There are other ways, it's time to change. Greener ways.

The rest of the blaming I'm not going to play that game.

I realized a lot has changed in 4 months SINCE that person wrote that letter,  maybe many people still think like this. I hope not, I hope people can open their minds and look at the bigger picture. I know people are hurting. 

I have been hurting for years, and I have seen many people hurting, isn't it time we help everyone and have respect for nature and the earth instead of carving it up and polluting it and just taking what we want and not giving a shit about anyone or anything else. There is too much greed in the world. Let's try and fix that.

This timeless speech from Charlie Chaplin couldn't be more relevant today... Taken from his 1940 movie The Great Dictator, Charlie delivers a hair raising speech that we should all take a moment to think about! The man famous for not speaking, comes up with one of the greatest speeches ever...
Posted by Motograter on Saturday, November 14, 2015

Corruption had made us take wrong path...Tesla was heading a different way...what if we had that way. We have other options. We must try. When homes are $1 million, and rents are 3/4 of check, and food prices are going higher by the minute, cities will implode and it doesn't matter how much oil they have.  

There are big problems with the whole oil industry, with the mining, logging,  fishing, farming where ever you are destroying the earth and not respecting it. 

Climate Change disasters are real and they caused by pollution and everything that comes when you destroy environments. 

Who suffered last summer when we couldn't go outside because the Forest Fire smoke was so bad. This will continue. 

What about my friends and family in Mexico, whose beach, just gets eaten away when huge storms come in and lives and homes are lost when huge hurricanes come

What about the Marshall Islands, you want to go live there, raise your children there? The islands are literally disappearing.  

We can not do things on a mass scale, maybe for a while but as we all know, nothing last for ever....or does it???

I can't let you go off with all this depressing info. We can change. Change is happening. I hear more people getting enlightened everyday. We have to work together, it's the only way....think smaller, local, community, neighbour, treat others as you wish to be treated...that's a really a biggy, try it...

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