Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Battle Brews Over Ecuador's New Drilling Plans

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Thanks Goodness the sun is coming out, because it's been dreary and grey here, and when I read about  "A Battle Brews Over Ecuador's New Drilling Plans" on Eye On The Amazon, I just feel tired, and sad...soo sooo sad. I am trying, trying to spread the word and get people talking and make people aware, but is it helping, Can we really do something. Are you trying? Do we just read it and go that's to bad, what can I do? 

I can blog about it, but at the moment, that's about the only power I have. What kind of power do you have? These issues pertain to all of us. They will affect our lives and our children's lives. I honestly hope and pray you are doing everything you can about this.

Amazon Watch

A Battle Brews Over Ecuador's New Drilling Plans

Dozens of indigenous leaders and community representatives gathered in Rucullacta, Ecuador last week in the open-air coliseum of that Amazonian Kichwa community as part of a new grassroots effort called Campana Kaprik aimed at stopping what could be the largest wholesale auction of rainforest and indigenous lands in recent Ecuador history. 

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