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Kate Middleton- Princess

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Are you excited. I am

I haven't paid much attention to this, except today and just little things I've seen on the news lately. Of course the cool part will be her dress, and what her title will be and just watch this Cinderella wedding.

Having graduated 2 years before Kate was even born, little girls my age all dreamed of one day a prince would rescue us. Of course in those days it was absolutely impossible, but here it is happening, Amazing! 

We try not to raise our little girls with those ideals now, and truthfully with all the crap they half to take from the Paparazzi and with what happened to Diana, who would want a life like that.

Still it's wonderful to watch them celebrate this special moment, how ever decadent it is. It's history in the making and we may never see a ceremony like this again or not for a very long time as it was 30 years ago since the last one...Yikes, where has the time gone.

They did make a super generous donation to Canada today, it's sort of odd, we gave them a gift and they gave it back, or so I understand, so that's very cool.  Well on with the Pomp & Ceremony!!

Photo by Nick Warner from Windsor, England

From Wikipedia:
Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton (born 9 January 1982) is the fiancée of Prince William of Wales. Their wedding is to take place on 29 April 2011.

Middleton grew up in Chapel Row at Bucklebury, Berkshire, England,[1] and studied in Scotland at the University of St Andrews, where she met Prince William in 2001. They started a romantic relationship that continued until a break-up lasting for several months in 2007. However, they continued to be friends and rekindled their relationship later that year.

Since then, Middleton has attended many high-profile royal events. She has been admired for her fashion sense and has been placed on numerous "best dressed" lists. Once their relationship became public, Middleton received widespread media attention and there was much speculation that they would eventually marry. On 16 November 2010 the office of the Prince of Wales at Clarence House announced their engagement, with details announced one week later. Read more on Wikipedia

Title Upon Marriage
Unlike the majority of royal brides, and in contrast to most previous consorts-in-waiting for over 350 years, Middleton does not come from a royal or aristocratic background and therefore has no title of her own.[57][58]

Middleton's title upon marriage will depend upon the additional title, if any, which is bestowed upon William.

It is customary for royal men to receive a dukedom when they marry. It has been suggested that possible dukedoms for William after his marriage are Clarence, Cambridge, Sussex, Connaught, Kendal, Avondale, and Strathearn.[59] By convention, the wife of a son or grandson of the Sovereign is entitled to the style title or attribute of "Royal Highness".[60]

Therefore as the wife of a royal duke and prince, Middleton would assume the title of duchess and be known as "Her Royal Highness The Duchess of X".[61]

However, it has been suggested that William may prefer not to accept a dukedom.[61] If William does not receive a further title, then Middleton would, by convention, take her husband's first name (as with Princess Michael of Kent) and be known as "Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales.[61]

The BBC's Nicholas Witchell has also raised the possibility that the Queen could follow the precedent which she set in February 1957, when she accorded her husband Prince Philip "the style and title of a Prince of the United Kingdom" in his own right.

This suggests that the Queen could, if she chose to do so, make Middleton a "Princess of the United Kingdom", in which case she would be known as "Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine".[61] Read more on Wikipedia

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