Sunday, April 24, 2011

Energy Security / Climate Action

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011 

Listen to what Adriane Carr has to say about Energy Security and Climate Action

Climate change is not just an environmental issue. It is an economic, social, and global security issue.

 It is the most significant issue of our times -- despite the fact that the other major parties are not seriously discussing it in this election. Our action or inaction now will have repercussions planet-wide, for generations.

The majority of Canadians want Canada to take the action needed to meet our international obligations on climate change. We want Canada to be a global leader, not a laggard. By investing aggressively in energy conservation and renewable energy by acting now we strengthen our economy. We improve our chances of averting catastrophic climate change. We put ourselves on the path of achieving long-term energy security.

As a Green MP in Parliament I will be the champion in Ottawa that Vancouver needs in its pursuit of the "greenest city" vision to be a global leader in climate action

This would include pushing the federal government to:

Become a global leader in combating climate change, leaving no stone unturned in finding ways to conserve energy, reduce greenhouse gas emission, and ramp up the development and use of renewable energy. That includes putting an economy-wide price on carbon to level the playing field and entice investment in renewables.

End the subsidies to the oil and gas industry and use the funds instead to expand federal programs of specific importance to Vancouver such as for energy retrofits of buildings, including homes, low income housing, schools and hospitals, and a national solar roof program.

Create a secure "green bonds" investment program to raise funds for cities to improve mass transit and undertake other programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In the end, if we make the right decisions now, we will end up with a stronger economy, greater energy security, healthier communities and the satisfaction of knowing that we did our very best to minimize the impacts of climate change.

You've got the power. Vote Carr.

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