Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rebuilding My Blogs in Websites

So something Super Cool Happened last night about this time. A musician I know needed a website, but cash is tight and so I told him I would build him a blog instead. 

He liked it, at first, but then said he needed something clean and easy for clients to find his info, as he has a lot of experience, plays with alot of different bands and has different bios, etc.

I told him what he was describing was a website and if that's what he wanted he'd have to pay the webhosting fees,(we're bartering a blog in exchange for drum lessons for my daughter) but I told him I could try to build him something with the pages feature on Blogger.

Well a Miracle happened. A real Break Through, for me anyways, because I don't know if anyone else is doing it. I haven't heard of it if they are. Anyways, here is my new website for Tina'z Social Media Workshop http://tinazsocialmediaworkshop.blogspot.com  I think it's really great! I am really happy with the results.

Before-Tina'z Social Media Workshop- Blog

After-Tina'z Social Media Workshop- Blog- Now A Website

Anyways I created the website/blog for the musician and another for client who was having a hard time getting the right personel at his school to give him the info he need to upload his site to the server.

We've been waiting months to upload it, so tonight I just turned the blog I originally created as part of his website, into his website and now he's online.

I'll show you both these sites in bit after the clients have had a chance to look at them and they are totally fine tuned. 

I still have lots of info to add to Tina'z Social Media Workshop, but I added a Job board today and I'll get it all done soon but wanted to take care of my clients first.

So just wanted to warn you there are some major facelifts coming to my blogs so Stay Tuned!! And be patience if they happen to act weird as I may be working on it as your viewing it. So your patience is REALLY APPRECIATED. 

Okay thanks for reading. Have great night. I better get to bed, I was falling asleep typing a few minutes ago. :) Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

** Just a little note, isn't amazing this happened after two things, I watched the video Forgiveness is a Gift Video ( a couple of times)  (and really tried to put into practice what it said)  and I posted the Pay It Forward -Video.  I really feel like I was blessed with this knowledge in response to the positive energy that is flowing right now with all the sharing of wonderful videos and info from Four Years. Go and so many other amazing videos I am seeing and sharing. I really feel so truly blessed right now. Thank you Universe, God and all the positive energies and everyone for sharing you positive energy with me. I truly do appreciate it!

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