Thursday, April 28, 2011

William- Prince of Wales

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So here we go Are you ready to get up at 3am to watch William get married.

Many of us have watched him grow up. We read the stories of how Diana took William and Harry them to McDonalds and let them pay so they could have "normal life experiences."

Diana loved her boys dearly and well we know she's watching now, smiling, as she sees her son marry a lovely woman.

From the sounds of it, Kate and William are as down to earth as possible considering the Royal lifestyle that William has grown up in and to which Kate will now have to deal with. 

I like Kate, I think it's cool she graduated with honors in Art History and there were rumors said she wanted to pursue photography.  I sure hope she will be happy with William.

She's older than Diana, so that will hopefully make her more settled and the fact that this should marriage is just between her and William and there's no third party lurking in the background, hopefully it will be a happy marriage.

All relationships are tough and I can't imagine one with all the rules these guys have to contend with. But William seems like a level headed down to earth guy and considering Diana was his mom, I think he's pretty cool. 

Hopefully he doesn't take after his dad too much, and now with the rulebook put on the back burner and things loosened up, there won't be any weirdness that surrounded Charles and Diana's wedding.

William and Kate's Wedding really is the Cinderella Story, but more of a Cinderella 2, where Kate is educated and knows what she wants and can hold her own.

I hope they have a really happy life.  I'm looking forward to the wedding. It's going to be exciting.

Especially because of Social Media, so we will see a ton of Youtube Videos, we are really going to see some great photos and videos. Yayy! Bring it on! See you later this morning.

From Wikipedia:

Prince William of Wales KG FRS (born William Arthur Philip Louis on 21 June 1982) is the elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales, and third eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

He was educated at four schools in the United Kingdom and obtained a degree from the University of St Andrews. He spent parts of a gap year in Chile, Belize, and countries in Africa.  

In Autumn 2010, he completed his generic and special-to-type helicopter training and he is now at RAF Valley on No. 22 Squadron performing co-pilot duties on the Sea King search and rescue helicopter. 

On 16 November 2010 it was announced by Clarence House that Prince William and his long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton were going to marry, and it was subsequently confirmed that the wedding ceremony would take place at 11 am on 29 April 2011 in Westminster Abbey, London.

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