Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Social Pressure at School- "Litterless Lunch"

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Not sure if I like this or not, love the green, but kids teasing each other about green issues..hmm

Quoting from the David Suzuki Foundations Blog- Lindsay Coulter, Queen of Green

"Now there's a new kind of Social Pressure at School- "Litterless Lunch"

 "There's a new kind of social pressure among six-year-olds, says one Mom I know. Two girls were teasing her son, but not because he didn't have the coolest gym shoes. Because he didn't have a truly litterless lunch! (Queens of Green in training? I can't be certain.) Dad ran out to buy reusable containers that night — no more plastic baggies. Now their son can eat his lunch with pride. 
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Do your kids school you about going green?

 I found this part below very interesting especially as my daughter and I spend alot of time outdoors but not near as much as I did as a kid that's for sure. This is why the time we spent in Mexico was invaluable.  

It's nice to see the the Girl Guides are doing some great things.

Quoting Lindsay:
"Fact: we're raising a generation of indoor kids. In her survey, Dr. Rhonda Clements (PDF file, page 4) found that American children spend less time playing outdoors than their mothers did when they were young—even in rural areas.  

They go outside less often and for shorter periods of time. 

Fortunately, there are exceptions. Last summer I spoke to 2,300 Girl Guides. And Girl Guides across Canada participate in:
  • Park and community clean-ups
  • Recycling milk bags into bed mats for the homeless
  • Planting trees to green urban spaces and help alleviate soil erosion
  • Water quality testing in the backcountry of Banff National Park
  • Growing thousands of kilograms of organic vegetables donated to local Food Banks"

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