Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Former Conservative Activist & NDP MLA Fraser Smith- Backs Elizabeth May

Blog post by Tina Winterlik © 2011


Prominent former Conservative activist and NDP MLA join forces to back Elizabeth May

A prominent former Conservative and Reform party activist, Fraser Smith, and a former NDP MLA, Don Scott, joined forces today with Elizabeth May for a media conference and “wave” to passing motorists in Sidney. The event took place beside a number of large highway election signs from all candidates in Saanich Gulf Islands, which also now includes a giant sign, commissioned by Smith, stating “CANADA NEEDS ELIZABETH MAY – BUT ONLY YOU CAN ELECT HER”.

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“If we all vote as we have in the past, nothing will change for Canada. We will continue to be governed by large parties that like things the way they are,” said Smith. “It is true that Elizabeth May is a tree hugger. But she is also a very good conservative when it comes to the economy, and she is a rabid liberal when it comes to ensuring that we find the ways to help those who cannot help themselves.”  Fraser Smith

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