Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vote Green Vancouver-A Green City Needs a Green MP

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Tonight I've decided, I'm definitely voting Green, someone said somewhere that could be throwing away a vote, but it's not. Voting for something you don't believe in, that's throwing away a vote. We need to stick together on this. We have to, our future depends on it. Adriane Carr is an excellent choice and so is Elizabeth May.
Come on people, Take a Stand!!!

Vote Green for a Better Vancouver, for a Better Canada, for a Better World.

Vote Green if you want a future, because the way were heading there is no future!!!


Green Party of Canada
Currently Running For
Office: MP, Vancouver Centre
Current Office
Office: Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada
Twitter @AdrianeCarr
A Green City Needs a Green MP
Adriane Carr is the Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada and the Green candidate for the federal riding of Vancouver Centre. 

Adriane has a track record for taking on tough issues— successfully. She has championed the things that matter to Vancouver Centre: action on climate change, protecting our natural environment, and a smarter low-carbon economy.

She has stood up against violence, and for a fair and civil society. She will take issues to Parliament with a fresh new approach and only one goal in mind—results!
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Adrianne Carr- Facebook
Adrianne Carr- Green Party  Website

Vote Green

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