Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bumblebee Toys- Easter Grass

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Check out their Super Cool & "GREEN" Easter Grass Suggestion :)
Easter Egg Grass from I Love Bumblebee Toys

I Love Bumble Bee Toys
You have discovered Bumblebee Toys!


How did Bumblebee Toys get started?
Bumblebee Toys is a little toy shop located in the Kootenays, in the beautiful town of Nelson BC, Canada.  Our store was conceptualized on a small island in the Pacific Northwest, with our family wishing there was a wonderful place that had fabulous and unique toys and all things fun that we couldn’t find under one roof.
Every product you see here has been carefully considered and hand-selected to reflect our values and what we ourselves as parents would expect to find in our “dream” toy store.

High quality, durable, and exceedingly fun with lasting play value; These are the standards our products live up to.

Do you try out your products before you sell them?
Besides ourselves, our children are our best product testers!  Through their play, we can easily see quality and durability, fun and how long that fun lasts for.  We want their imaginations to be fed, and their senses honoured. Our 5-year-old daughter plays with her beautiful playsilks nearly every day and has for over 3 years now!

Do you carry any plastic toys?
We do sometimes carry some plastic products, but always take great care in ensuring they are only of the highest quality and safety inspected.  Anything plastic is guaranteed PVC-free.
You won’t find anything that takes batteries, nor media driven, commercialized or name branded items.
It is important to us to give our children playthings that are closer to nature than their plastic cousins, pleasurable to the touch and always feeding the imagination. 

Our Mission
We have always wanted to contribute gentleness and compassion, awareness and responsibility to our children’s world.  We proudly know our products and customer service reflect this.  You will find outstanding customer care, and an ever growing selection of the most unique and lovely playthings anywhere.
We believe that every child deserves the best! So please settle in, shop around and enjoy Bumblebee Toys!

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