Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Alley'Oop Hoop Dance

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Thanks Deborah Ledon for tweeting this.

Deborah Ledon

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I love the hoops and so does my little girl. I need to get some hoops and practice a LOT more, it's such great exercise and with great music it's even more FUN!!


Alley'Oop Hoop Dance

The World of Alley’Oop

This is a performance I did for Hoop Convergence 2010 which highlights the fusion with Native Hoop Dance I have been working on. It was a performance like no other, as the audience was made up of hoopers, which was exciting and unnerving all in the same moment. It was great however to really show what I’m working on to people as into this art as I am. Big thanks to Terrance Littletent for all of his inspiration and teachings and to Julia Hartsell, for bringing the international community together.


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